Baron Charms International Services was founded in 1990 by Maiyim Baron and Owen C. Charms.

Both of them had considerable experience in Japan and in hosting Japanese visitors who were involved in many civilian educational and artistic exchange programs. With ther fluency in Japanese and their lifelong love of Japanese people and their language, along with Japan's literature and culture, they started Baron Charms International Services.

Working with the Protocol Office of the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle launched the company, whose next big contract was for a JETRO ( Japanese Trade Ministry) mission to Seattle . The original team of interpreters on that project includes people who practice the art of professional interpreting at the highest levels. The company grew from there, and doubled its business year after year, adding skilled people to the team, and drawing from a pool of resourceful specialists for specific projects.

Baron Charms International Services provides language facilitation services specialized in Japanese. Our team includes highly technical interpreters and translators, who are professionally trained and know the ethical standards and confidentiality practices of our profession. Please see the Our Team page for details of our creative team of talented translators and interpreters, who also have multi-media talents and production and marketing experience in Japan .

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